Route do Forno do Bolo



To get to the starting point of this route take the road LU-701 in A Fonsagrada and after 4 Km turn on the left and follow the road to the car park located 200 mts away from the village.
The footprint of water in nature?

At this point we begin our journey, that will lead you through a pine forest until you reach the Tronceda stream bordered by a small wooden bridge to enter a small chestnut grove where you can find ?corripas?.Following the course of the river you can appreciate its union with the stream of Queixoiro.Following the walk you can glimpse the first waterfall, following the flow of these waters under the shelter of a fringing forest, just stop to contemplate the fall of the second waterfall. Finally we will continue the way back to the starting point.
Enjoy its rich heritage..
The ?corripas? are a heritage emblem of the route and, are constructions used for the storage of chestnuts throughout the year.The waterfalls are recorded in the Galician catalogue of protected wetlands, therefore water characterizes the entity of this area. It also has two hill forts crowning the second waterfall, which are listed on the GA, although to visit them it is necessary to deviate from the route.


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4.3 km.

Estimated duration: