Route do Castañoso



This route begins in the village of Castañoso, an eminently rural place with typical Galician constructions, in addition to numerous granaries with Asturian influence (squared plan and pyramid hip roof covered with straw or slate and topped with a finial). Sometimes the granaries´ structure is surrounded by a free standing deck were the plated corn cobs are hung to dry.
Take the path on the left, its first section is downhill, following and old cart track until you reach the ?cortín? de Monteagudo ( circular stone fence used to protect the bee hives from the bears).Follow the descent path a little difficult as it passes through the well known ?cuaje de los moros? and passing the impressive ?cortins? of López and Villar, that takes you to the entrance of the Castañoso Hill Fort which is located between the margins of the Covas and Valdobarreiro streams.Castañoso hill fort stands out for its conservation, since there are numerous walls that at first glance are observed.
Retrace your steps to continue the route, take the path on the left going into a leafy wood that will take us along the old path that went from Castañoso to the chapel of Santiago, currently in a state of abandonment but in the middle of a breathtaking setting, also surrounded by a large number of corripas, vestige of communal use of the forest.Go down to Penallo water mill, located in a beautiful scenery and currently in a state of abandonment. Cross a wooden bridge over the Covas stream to spot a wonderful waterfall.Leave behind the chestnut forest to start the descent towards the village of Castañoso, ending point of the walk.


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6.4 km.

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