Route of Pena de Guimara PR-G 139



Start the walk climbing up the road LU-740 A Fonsagrada direction, turn onto the first track on the left. Immediately you will find a small group of houses where stands Severina Villa with its horreo covered with slate. Take the first street on the right, leaving the tourist accommodation on the left side. Then you will find the road LU-740 again, crossed it to continue right along a path in which you will leave the asphalt behind. On the right hand of the path, start descending a narrow path that takes you into a grove.
After passing under the branches of a huge and beautiful yew, you will find two charcoal kilns on the side of the road that are a testimony of the previous uses of the forests. The path goes down to a stone stairway, arriving to the road PR-19-05,o which you will have to go up 340 mts, before entering the forest on the left bank.
After descending to the river Veiga de Logares, start by climbing up the river and after passing two ?corripas? (circular stone walls to protect chestnuts), you will reach the ruins of two old water mills that precede a stone wall, which you will have to skirt along the right margin. It is at this point, where the route surprises you with narrow stepping stones between the rocks that you need to walk over in order to reach the river again.
Walk parallel to the river, on the side of an old irrigation ditch that watered meadows, leaving the river to the left. The route continues along the river bank, until you find yourself facing the track that leads you to the left to the village and Romean hill fort. In the village you can enjoy examples of perfectly preserved traditional architecture .

Going up the road you will reach San Martín de Robledo, a beautiful village where the houses adapt to the surroundings by fitting into the rocks.The church with its rustic covered yard also stands out. Cross a small grove and immediately look for several caves eroded by the water, in the limestone rocks, on the right side of the road. Once again we reach the road PR-19-04 that it will take you back to the starting point.


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9.75 km.

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