Route of the painters



Do not forget to visit this natural enclave. The Painters Route owes its name to two well renowned local artists from where the route takes place, as a tribute to their career.
The footprints of the walker?
Exit A Fonsagrada on the Road LU-701, diverting into PK 6 towards Allonca. Elapse around 6 Km in this direction, start the route in Ferreria de Pantenas, until you reach the turn of Relaio, where you take the dirt track that passes in front of the house that leads to the Allonca river and cross over the wooden bridge.
Follow the path that runs parallel to the river and immersed in a wooded area of alders, chestnuts and oaks you get to the beautiful church of Santa Maria de Allonca. Here you will find an interesting fountain in which you can see a tunnel 30 m long.

Continue the path through a leafy and centennial chestnut forest, dotted with ?corripas? (circular stone constructions to keep chestnuts), until arriving at the hidden Allonquiña water mill.
At this point and before starting the way back, stop to take a breath and enjoy the river Allonca and river forest-like eco system e that surrounds it, composed of birches and ash, whose roots lie in the calm waters of this river.
REngage with the past…
Walking on your steps, take the Allonquiña direction, hometown of the painter Manuel López Monteseirín. At this point you will find some interesting samples of popular architecture and an old school. Leaving behind the village of Allonquiña.
Continue over the path towards Pántaras, your next stop is the Manor House of Allonca where you can observe a pigeon-loft, sample of a interesting architecture.
Villages with history?
From this point the path ascends until reaching the village of Pántars, birthplace of the artist Benxamín Alvarez. Here you can see the ancient yew trees, also the many horreos (rectangular wooden structures on masonry pilasters and slate roof) and stone houses that make this village a primary?s attraction.
The final section of this route runs along a paved road, under the shade of a large grove that will lead you to its end.


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10.5 km.

Estimated duration: